A Morning for Success!


If you’re a mama or someone who just generally has a lot to do or a lot of responsibilities, you need a morning routine! Routine keeps stress and anxiety at bay. of course, being too rigid with your routine is never a good thing, because well, life happens and sometimes you won’t be able to stick to your routine. BUT my morning routine has changed my life. Okay I know that sounds dramatic, but in the past few years I have gone from being a college student to being a MOTHER. Talk about a transformation. I didn’t really know what I was doing or how to feel some sense of normalcy. Once I found out what worked for me, I stuck to it for the most part and it has helped me go from a stressed out and anxious mama to a (mostly) sane and motivated mama!

Before I get into what I finally found worked for me, I want to say this, the first year of a babies life is literally a test to see how much change and inconsistency you can handle. Lower your expectations. Lower your standards for yourself. Every single day will look different so try to accept that.

BUT, there are things you can do to feel a little more human, and once things settle down, and your baby gets into a rhythm, you can start your own rhythm. So, here is mine!

  1. Wake up early. Just do it. Seriously. Wake up before your children if at all possible. This is literally a life changer. When your kids are waking you up, you’re thrown into instant mom mode. No warm up, no stretching, just instantly being thrown into the marathon. I can honestly say that the days that I wake up earlier than my kid, I have a MUCH better attitude. I have time to wake up and do the things I want to accomplish without my toddler asking for breakfast, water, this toy, that toy, where are my shoes, can we go outside, etc.
  2. Read something uplifting. There is no better way to start the day than in God’s word, or learning about his word. I try to start every day reading a passage of scripture or reading a devotional. Something that will motivate me and put my heart in the right place for the day.
  3. Get ready. Some days this means leggings and a t shirt. Some days this means a full on cute outfit with makeup and hair done. Whatever it is, getting out of my pajamas is key. Put something on that you didn’t sleep in that night, throw on some mascara, put dry shampoo in your hair and make yourself presentable. It helps, I promise. You feel ready for the day, you look like a human, and a huge plus: you don’t have to try to get ready with your kids running around tearing your house down.
  4. Get a chore done. Throw the laundry in/ start the dishwasher/ make the bed. I try to chose one chore to do in the morning before Wesley wakes up. For one, it gets something done that needs to be done. Also, you’ve got a chore started before 8 am! Yay to being and feeling productive! Mondays are usually my laundry days and I try to make the bed everyday and straighten up the house a little. Whatever you chose to do, you’ll be thankful later on in the day that its already done!
  5. Make breakfast and coffee. Sometimes I make my coffee right away (lol), but usually I make it when I make mine and Wesley’s and breakfast. Either way, having a yummy hot cup of coffee to look forward to in the morning, helps me get out of bed! I’m not perfect at this, but it is so important to eat SOMETHING in the morning. As moms, we can sometimes forget about ourselves. Thats not okay! Eat something to fuel your body and mind and drink that coffee for your morning kickstart! Don’t wait until you’re hangry and about to literally eat your child before you remember to feed yourself. Just make it part of your routine! Trust me, nobody likes hangry mama.

This routine has been so great for me mentally, spiritually, and physically. I feel more productive, get to spend uninterrupted time with God, and it makes me a better mom because I have more patience and less to do during the day when my sweet little boy is fighting for my attention!

I hope this was helpful, and if you have your own morning routine, tell me about it!


Just doing my best to raise a small human and drinking lots of coffee!

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