A Tour of Wesley’s Baby Box

Okay so I’ll be totally honest, it has taken me basically up until this point to get Wesley’s baby box completely together. For a while, I was just sort of throwing things I wanted to save into a wooden bin. But eventually, I got this cute box and put his name on it! So, I thought I would go through and show you what we decided to save.

This little swaddle blanket. This was the blanket we brought to the hospital to wrap Wesley up in. This was the first blanket (besides the hospital blanket) that his sweet little newborn body ever slept in. Such a special little blankie with so many sweet memories.


I also saved several things from our baby shower. The invitation, our guest book, cards, and my corsage. Our shower was dinosaur themed (same as Wesley’s nursery) and hosted by our best friends so there are so many special memories connected to these items! Not to mention, some of the cards that we kept written by sweet friends with well wishes and congratulations that we keep stored inside of the guest book!


This little chalkboard was used as part of Wesley’s gender announcement! It also has an ultrasound picture taped to it, so of course, I wanted to keep it!


His baby book is another item that we’re keeping (obviously) and storing in his baby box. I haven’t fully finished writing in it, but it’s a work in progress!

Along with the blanket, we’re keeping his hospital shirt. This is the shirt they put on him after he was born, and he wore this the whole time in the hospital until we went home. And of course, the onesie we put on him to go home in. This onesie is actually the first item of clothing I bought for him, before I even knew he was a boy. I had been having dreams that he was a boy, and I just couldn’t resist this onesie, so I bought one, hoping that my dreams were true!


I’m also saving a couple of things from his first birthday. A wooden “W” that we had all of  our friends and family that attended sign. As well as some cards from a little game we played during his party where everyone wrote down three words that described Wesley!



Finally, PHOTOS! I mean obviously I love photos. So, we are keeping his ultrasound pictures, gender reveal picture, maternity pictures, and his monthly photos in here! The monthly photos here, are the ones I had printed and displayed for his first birthday! They actually are still displayed in his room and once we transition his room to a “big boy” room, we’ll officially put them away on the baby box, as well as our hospital bracelets that are currently still displayed in his room.

IMG_0018_MG_0925DSC_3924 (1)

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of the things we have saved from my pregnancy and  our first year with Wesley! I can’t believe my boy is already a year and a half!! Time flies when you’re having fun!


Just doing my best to raise a small human and drinking lots of coffee!

2 thoughts on “A Tour of Wesley’s Baby Box

  1. I love your blogs! They’re beautifully written and so heartfelt. Plus, I have to admit, I relive those days when my boys were that age. People say how fast the years go by and sometimes when you’re in the middle of it, it seems to move at a snails pace. But looking back, it’s a flash before your eyes. It sounds like you’re cherishing every moment, as it should be! Enjoy and God bless you all for sharing your life with us! 💖

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