Four Fall Activities to Enjoy With Your Loved Ones

Fall is basically here (for me its been here for weeks already), and I am PUMPED. Seriously I love fall. Well, I love all that fall represents. Here in Austin, Texas we don’t really get a lot of your typical “fall weather.” I mean we get about a week of cooler temps in November before winter hits. Fall is the beginning of the holiday season. Our family loves Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas and it has just been even more fun with a little one!

So anyway, here are a few fun things that you and your family can do to celebrate this exciting season!

Number 1: Go to a pumpkin patch! Brian and I took Wesley to one last year and it was soooo much fun! It didn’t cost very much, and it was seriously so fun! There are probably tons of pumpkin patches in the area you live, just google! We went to Sweet Berry Farms (opening for the fall season next weekend) and they had a huge pumpkin patch, a giant corn maze, flower picking, a petting zoo, and tons of other stuff! But even just taking your little one to a pumpkin patch without all of the extra frills to pick out some pumpkins for carving would be so fun and festive!


Number 2: Baking!!! I love baking, especially during the fall and winter! Baking as a family is so fun! Last year, the three of us decorated Christmas cookies, and it was so much fun that I’m going to have us do it at least twice this year! Before Christmas with Christmas themed cookie shapes, and before Halloween with Halloween themed cookie shapes! It is another cheap and fun family activity and you don’t even need to leave your home!



Number 3: Camping! As you know, our family loves the great outdoors and can frequently be found hiking, exploring, and camping. Fall is the perfect time for camping because it isn’t too hot, there aren’t a million bugs flying in your face, and it’s just so pretty outdoors this time of year! God’s creation is so  beautiful and its the perfect place for some quality family time! In fact, we have a “camping” trip planned for November! (We will be in a cabin this time, but sometimes that’s even better!)


Number 4: Crafts! I love crafts. I love DIY! Do they always turn out beautiful? Nope! Lol. But it’s always fun. And this year, Wesley is finally old enough to do some crafts of his own. Check your local Hobby Lobby in the seasonal sections. They have TONS of seasonally appropriate crafts for kids! Don’t worry about how it will turn out, just let your kid(s) go to town on some pumpkin stickers and foam turkey crafts!! So cute!!

Those are just a few fun things that I thought of, and I would love to hear any suggestions that you might have! Enjoy the season friends!


Just doing my best to raise a small human and drinking lots of coffee!

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