First Family Camping Trip!

Last weekend, Brian and I took Wesley on our first ever family camping trip!! You probably think we are crazy for taking a one-year old camping, but we weren’t roughing it too much. We were in a camper, and the campsite we went to was only about 30 minutes away from our house! So, it was a great intro to camping for Wesley and us as a family!


Brian and I have always loved camping, hiking, and going on “adventures” together! In fact, when Brian asked me to marry him, we were on top of Enchanted Rock (a super cool state park in Texas). So, being outdoors is something that is really important to us and we want Wesley and any future children, to enjoy it with us (or at least have the opportunities to)!

When we first got there, Wesley was so excited! He was picking up as many rocks and sticks as he could find, and Exploring every inch of the campsite! DSC_6617


He loved throwing the volleyball around and chasing it when I threw it. He’s basically a little puppy! He loves to play fetch! 🙂



Brian grilled some burgers and we had “BBQ” s’mores! We couldn’t make a fire because of the burn ban, but hey, they were still PLENTY messy and delicious. After a few bites, Wesley started to get a little freaked out that his hands were so sticky haha!





We went to the lake the second day that we were there. Wesley didn’t really like his life vest, but he looked soooo cute in it! We took him out in the kayak, but he preferred to walk around in the water and pick up rocks.  DSC_6847DSC_6804DSC_6853

It was such a fun first family camping trip! It was a perfect way to get some family time and let Wesley enjoy some exploring! We love spending time in God’s beautiful creation whenever we get the chance!



Just doing my best to raise a small human and drinking lots of coffee!

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