Mama Needs Time Too!

We’ve all heard the phrase “you can’t pour from an empty cup”. In fact, I’ve heard it so much around social media lately, that it’s starting to sound cheesy! However, I totally agree with the message behind it! As mothers, how can we expect to give ourselves to our families, if we aren’t filling ourselves up as well?

I know it can be almost impossible sometimes to find time to do things for yourself or to better yourself when you’re taking care of tiny humans all day, cleaning up after said tiny humans (and also that other large human you live with), cooking for your people, managing your house, running errands, etc. etc. etc.!! But here are some things to get you started!

Do something to pamper yourself. Now, as much as I would like a long week at a resort and spa with my best friend (not that we talk about doing this almost every time we are together or anything), that’s not exactly practical or affordable. But there are other ways you can feel similarly pampered. Or at least pampered enough to feel fresh for the week/ days ahead. Things like doing a face mask at the end of the day and soaking in the bath tub!! Bath bombs are very trendy right now so why not get yourself or make yourself (Pinterest) some, and let dad do bedtime with the kids one night!! Sometimes just 30 minutes to yourself when you would otherwise be multitasking and possibly stressing, makes a huge difference!! Check here for some BOMB bath products (see what I did there) 😉

Okay here is another big one to snag some “refresh” time…. stop. Stop what you’re doing and take a breather. Don’t overload yourself to the point of burning yourself out. Some days, Wes is just not having it. He’s clingy, fussy, and mad at the world. Those are terrible times for me to decide that I need to reorganize the pantry. Or go on a stock up trip to Costco. During times like these, I love to drop everything we are doing, strap Wesley in his stroller, and go for a walk. This way we can be outdoors which is very stress relieving, yet I don’t have to keep my eye on him and potentially chase him down to grab him away out of danger (lol)!

Another big one for me, is to fill my “free time” intentionally. Wesley’s nap time is what I consider my “free time”. At the beginning of the week I try to get the MAJORITY of housework done during this time. So, Mondays and Tuesdays I typically spend this time cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry, etc. I personally have found Wednesdays to be our most difficult days. Something about being midweek has Wesley and I both on edge (lol) so those are the days I typically plan “refresh” time for myself during his nap. Sometimes that’s reading a book and drinking some more coffee. Sometimes it editing photos. Sometimes its blogging! Whatever it is, I make sure it’s something that fills me up and is enjoyable!

I am definitely new to this, and I am nowhere near perfect at keeping myself 100% filled all of the time for my family! Some days you just can’t make it happen. Some days you just have to do the best with what you’ve got and that’s life! But I encourage all of the mamas (and really everyone) to remember that you are important too! You deserve to feel full, so make time for yourself too!



Just doing my best to raise a small human and drinking lots of coffee!

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