A Mama’s Review of the Magnolia Table Cookbook

Okay I’ll be honest, I was pretty late to the whole Magnolia Market party. But recently, Brian and I went and visited the silos and the shop for the first time (we only live an hour and a half away and had never been before!!), and we loved it! The whole environment was so cute and right up my styling alley. I’ve always loved the vintage style because my nana and I have been antique shopping buddies for years, and its always so fun to search for that perfect item you didn’t know you were looking for. 😉 I love the mix of vintage and modern that Magnolia represents!IMG_0349IMG_1808

Anyway, while we were there I saw the Magnolia Table cookbook on display and snagged one! I have been in a cooking slump lately (really like the past year) and I was hoping to gain some inspiration and renew my interest through this book!

That is exactly what I got! This cookbook reads a lot like a novel. There are sweet little anecdotes and bits of information about her family as you look through it. SO cute! The pictures of the food are delicious and homey and make you want to jump right into the kitchen!!IMG_1800

Now, I am the type that typically wants meals to be very quick and easy. I wouldn’t say that this cookbook contains many of those types of things. Most of the recipes are a little more involved, but as long as I feel like I don’t have to rush, and I know it will be worth it, I can enjoy cooking a meal that takes more time and prep.

As far as what I have cooked, everything has turned out so good! If you’re on a super strict diet, this probably isn’t going to be the cookbook you turn to every day for meals. Maybe for a cheat day. But seriously, Jo knows what she’s doing in the kitchen because these dishes have been SO good! So far, I have cooked Shepherd’s pie which is one of Brian’s favorite meals and he loved it! I have also made meatloaf (another fave of Brian’s which makes great leftovers), sun dried tomato and baby kale pasta, lemon poppy seed bread with lemon glaze, banana bread (I used her recipe but made muffins instead), and overnight French toast. All of the meals have made plenty for leftovers and were so good!IMG_0494IMG_0624

Now because I do have a toddler running around and because we can’t eat like kings every night (got to watch those calories, right?), I usually have Brian pick two meals for the coming week from this cookbook and the rest of the week I do easier/healthier/simpler things.IMG_0645

If you are someone who needs inspiration in the kitchen or you just want some good homecooked meals and desserts, I highly recommend this book! If you’re on a strict diet, you can also probably find substitutes for some of the ingredients used. I use the evenings that I cook from this cookbook as a way to get some “alone” time. I have Brian take Wesley to his room to play and I spend an hour or so in the kitchen by myself and everyone gets a yummy meal! Win Win!

I’ve linked the cookbook below for anyone who wants to purchase it quick and easy!


Just doing my best to raise a small human and drinking lots of coffee!

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