Toddler Tantrums and How to Survive Them in Three Easy Steps

IMG_7832Toddlers are very unique creatures. Now that Wesley is more toddler than baby, he and I are learning new things every day! Things like, how powerful his lungs are when he’s upset about something. Or how long he can go hungry until he gives in and eats whatever I’m trying to feed him (or I give in and let him eat whatever will fill him up). You know, all of that really fun stuff that toddlers start doing to test you and see how far they can get away with something.

One of the many fun things we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing a LOT lately is tantrums. They are so shocking. How is my sweet baby screaming at the top of his lungs and flinging his body on the ground right now?? It’s like they are two different people!! So, here are three tips to dealing with toddler tantrums.

(1.) If your toddler starts throwing a tantrum in a store or public place, step a few feet away, give them a dirty look, and say “wow my kid would NEVER act like that.” This will ensure that nobody around you think that that is your kid acting in such a publicly unacceptable way. Whew, now you don’t have to feel embarrassed.

(2.) Give them lots of sugar and candy to calm them down. Delay the inevitable and just load them up with a ton of sugar as soon as you see a meltdown coming. Because everyone knows that if you bribe your toddler with sugar and candy all the time, not only will they never throw another fit, but they will be very calm and relaxed.

(3.) HIDE. This is saved as a last resort, but I do recommend it whenever you realize a tantrum has arrived and you cannot escape through any other route. Who likes to listen to crying and whining? I certainly don’t. So, when in doubt, find a nice comfy place to hide. Tantrums can last a long time so make sure your go to hiding spot is stockpiled with lots of snacks and coffee.

But really, best of luck to all of you mamas out there with toddlers! It’s hard! Try to remember our sweet little angel babies are in there somewhere during all of this!! If you have any real advice, feel free to share!IMG_7353

p.s. having a toddler isn’t all bad. There are very high highs as well. It’s all just part of the experience (:IMG_7495


Just doing my best to raise a small human and drinking lots of coffee!

2 thoughts on “Toddler Tantrums and How to Survive Them in Three Easy Steps

  1. your tips sound just like mine!!! lmbo! we’ll learn together, because even though Thomas is 4, he still has tantrums! yes at 4 they still occur DAILY!! but when there not having a tantrum they r the besteseses babies ever! lol. at this point I don’t think the tantrums ever go I’m really hoping they do. I don’t drink coffee, but I do drink red bulls! (that’s my coffee). have a great day and good luck. love yall!!!

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