Wesley’s First Birthday Party!

Wesley’s first birthday party was so much fun! I had so much fun with the theme: “wild one”. Wesley has proven to be a highly active and silly boy who I lovingly refer to as my wild child :)! He loves to be outside, playing and interacting with other kids (or pretty much anyone), and hates to sit still for more than two seconds. So the theme seemed a perfect fit for my little one! Here are some of the details of his party!DSC_3910

I wanted the colors to fit in with the theme, so I chose “woodsy” colors and decorations. I stuck with neutrals like grey, brown, and black, and added other colors like dark green, gold and burlap.DSC_3918DSC_3919

I wanted the cupcakes and cake to fit in with the theme as well and I also wanted to make the cake and cupcakes. It couldn’t be too complicated because I’m not exactly a baker, so I used a yellow cake mix and found an easy but delicious recipe for vanilla bean cream cheese frosting. Honestly, my kid isn’t much of a sweets eater (crazy right?) so I didn’t really want to over think the cake knowing that it wouldn’t be his favorite part of the party anyway. I made a special cake topper for him and decorated the cupcakes with chocolate rocks and little evergreen trees to fit with our “wild” and woodsy theme.DSC_3923DSC_3926DSC_4115

I did several DIY projects for his party because I honestly love DIYs! I’m no Pinterest pro, but I love to craft and party plan so this was right up my alley! I created a monthly picture collage frame. This was my favorite thing to make because I got to go down memory lane big time. I may have even cried a little. 😉DSC_3924DSC_3925DSC_3917

Hoppy Lobby, Amazon, and some toys and books from Wesley’s room helped add to the décor.DSC_3913DSC_3912

I also set up a “game” where all of our guests wrote down three words to describe Wesley which we read out loud to everyone near the end of the party.DSC_3911

Wesley had such a good time. When he saw the decorations and his friends and family, his face totally lit up. It was so fun to celebrate our first baby’s first birthday and I can’t believe a year has already passed. Looking forward to this next year and everything else that God has in store for us!DSC_3942DSC_4444DSC_4563



Just doing my best to raise a small human and drinking lots of coffee!

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