Pregnancy Update + How the First Trimester went

Wow hi it’s been a while!! I’ve been wanting to write about my first trimester for a while, but just like my pregnancy with Wesley, my first trimester sickness didn’t go away as soon as I entered the second trimester. And wow morning sickness (all day sickness) can really wear you out! So, now that I’m finally not super sick (at 20 weeks pregnant), I want to give you all a little pregnancy update!

I started feeling sick around 5-6 weeks this time around which was a couple of weeks earlier than with Wesley. I hate the term morning sickness because mine was definitely not limited to the morning (lol) and I think most pregnant women can agree on that!! With Wesley I was so sick that I lost about 10 pounds in the first trimester (and YES I tried eating saltines, ginger, etc. I tried it all). I knew I couldn’t handle being that sick again especially with a toddler running around so I had my doctor prescribe me some anti-nausea medication! It helped some, but I still ended up being pretty sick and lost about five pounds. But don’t worry y’all, I’m good at gaining it back quick!


Besides morning sickness, I definitely felt that first trimester exhaustion wayyy more this time!! Maybe because of my toddler and his boundless energy, not being able to nap/sleep as much this time around, or maybe I just forgot how exhausting it can be! But on the plus side I got a lot of snuggles!! Luckily, now that I am well into my second trimester, I’m feeling more energy!!


I promise I won’t just complain in this post, so I’ll share something GOOD about the first trimester. Being so sick reminds you that your baby is doing good and your hormones are supporting them!!

This time around, I’ve popped earlier than I did with Wesley, yay baby bump! I’ve also been able to feel this little guy move a lot more a lot sooner than I did with my first!! So exciting! This is my favorite part of pregnancy and it just reminds you how miraculous it is that we, as women, get to carry our babies!!


Another big difference this time around is how emotional I’ve been! Again, maybe I just don’t remember this part, but I have been much more emotional this time around! Someone suggested to me that it might be because I’ve already been through it and had my first so now I know how amazing it can be! I think that’s spot on! Knowing what I’m getting myself into makes me more anxious for everything to go well, more excited, and a little scared at how much this newest baby will change our family! This has definitely been a season where I have really had to lean on God through prayer and my husband and friends for some emotional support!!

Overall, this pregnancy has been pretty standard, not overly exciting, but still so special! I cannot wait to see what our sweet Lincoln James adds to our family!!



Just doing my best to raise a small human and drinking lots of coffee!

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