Five Things That I LOVE About Motherhood

#1: I LOVE that being a mom means watching a little human grow and learn. Only a mother gets to see all of the stages of growth in her baby! Physical, emotional, mental, etc. It’s so cool! I mean you get to see them learn everything from using their hands to put things (everything) in their mouths to walking and talking! Watching my little man figure things out is so cool. Watching him learn how to open cabinets and pull things out, use his mouth to say new words (he’s been saying mama a lot lately and my heart is melting), seeing him understand new emotions like anger, hurt, excitement, happiness. It’s all so amazing and fun!


#2: I LOVE that being a mom means understanding a new level of love. The love that exists inside of me for my son, is something that can never change! It is truly unconditional, and it inspires me to love others that way. It gives you a glimpse into God’s love for us as his children and it is truly life changing.


#3: I LOVE that being a mom means that this little baby is totally dependent on me. While it may be scary and frustrating at times, it’s really cool too. I am the first person he wants when he bumps his head (which is happening more and more these days). I am the one he needs when he’s hungry, tired, uncomfortable, or sick. I am his world right now and that is such a special thing. And as he gets older and more independent, I will still always be his mommy. The first person that held and loved him.


#4: I LOVE that being a mom means putting someone else before yourself. Before you’re a parent, you pretty much don’t HAVE to think about anyone but yourself and your spouse. Having a baby makes you realize how comfortable a selfish life is. And it makes you realize how much more fulfilling a life serving others is. I’m sure this will be a life- long lesson for me that I continue to learn, but I like to think I understand what it means to have a servant’s heart a little more now than before I was a mother.


#5: I LOVE that being a mother means having so much fun! Babies are so funny. They have no shame. They will do the funniest things for attention from anyone!! And I’m pretty sure every day I make myself look like a total dork trying to make him laugh. But he doesn’t care! He just knows I’m funny! There is nothing better than finding something that your baby finds hilarious and doing it over and over to hear the sweetest giggles.

Bottom line: I LOVE being a mom. Happy Valentine’s Day.


“For this child I prayed, and the Lord has granted me my petition that I made to him.”        (1 Samuel 1:27)


Just doing my best to raise a small human and drinking lots of coffee!

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