You Were Made for This!

I absolutely love being a mom and I absolutely love my son. But sometimes it can feel like I am way in over my head. I’m sure many moms and parents feel this way as well as those of you who aren’t parents! I think it’s human nature to doubt ourselves and to wonder what our purpose is.


There are times when I wonder how in the world am I supposed to handle this?? When Wesley was a newborn I wondered how I would get through the sleep deprivation and constant neediness of a newborn. During nursing strikes and teething and bad days and tantrums I wonder how in the world am I going to handle this. How am I going to get through this? Why did God choose me to be the mother to this little boy?? And I’m sure with the changing seasons of our lives, I will continue to wonder how I’m going to get through whatever it is we are going through at the moment. And I’m sure I’ll continue to wonder why I was chosen for this.DSC_1474

But what I have to remind myself is, the why doesn’t matter. What matters is that God DID choose me for this. God gave me my son. He knew I could do this. He made me to stay up all hours of the night feeding him. He made me to nurture and care for this baby when he’s sick and hurting. He made me strong and brave enough to deal with the changes and the uncertainty. He chose me.DSC_1183

In the book of Esther, the Jews are in a sticky situation where they are under the rule of a king who doesn’t recognize the authority of God. Esther is put in a situation where she has to stand up for what is right. She has to find the bravery to save her people. At first, she isn’t sure that she can do it, but Mordecai reminds her that this might be exactly why God put her where she is. That is so inspirational to me!

Our struggles and daily challenges might not be that intense, but every day we deal with something troubling whether big or small. And every day we have to find the courage and bravery to push through. As a mom, I have to remind myself every day that this is exactly why God created me. I am here because God put me here and I can do this because God created me to.

IMG_5613 2


Just doing my best to raise a small human and drinking lots of coffee!

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